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Convert to AIFC with ima4 compression

I thought I'd take a crack at an ffmpeg solution since it's always proved itself to be infinitely versatile for me. A cursory search of the ffmpeg docs found no useful references to ima4. However, I ...
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Change audio's frequency, but still sound similar

What you are dealing with is the sampling frequency or sampling rate of your audio files. And what you want to achieve is called sample rate conversion. There are many software that can deal with this ...
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Need Help Playing Voice Memo

If your recording is on a dedicated portable voice recorder and it does not play back, then that may be a problem with the recording, such as a corrupted SD card. If this recording is on a mobile ...
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What format are old headerless protools files?

In this case, the answer is sample rate: 44100, 24 bits per sample, signed integer, Big Endian. The converter I'm using, "sox", is available on Mac via homebrew, and the commandline I used ...
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What is the difference between changing mp3 file extension to .wav and using a converter instead?

The difference (in basic terms): .mp3 is a compressed audio format: some of the information from the original signal is thrown away when you create an .mp3. .wav is an uncompressed audio format. ...
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Pitch shift select frequencies

Like said in the comments, the fist thing to do is to separate the frequencies we want to affect from the rest. This can be done using LPF/HPF combo to form a BPF (I find it easier to set my cutoff ...
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