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How is the recorded sound of a galloping horse so much different from a trot or a canter?

Assuming you're not interested in the old Hollywood method of making foley horses, used for decades of cowboy movies - banging coconut shells into various substrates in a box - then you have to do it ...
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Newbie who wants to record nature sounds on a budget

Nature recording is a really tricky place to start with cheap gear, as ambiences tend to be reasonably quiet and cheap gear nearly always has a high noise floor! I've found most quiet nature ambiences ...
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Neumann KM185 field nature recording suitability

Being hypercardioid, a KM185 with adequate wind protection would be fine recording point-sources in mono, but not really suitable for any form of stereo recording. I would use spaced omni or cardioid ...
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Recording field audio of car engine/exhaust/etc

I know this is almost 5 years old... However, I stumbled upon something that supports EMV's answer. RĂ˜DE made a hot lap recording of a GTR and also showed a setup for consumers without a massive ...
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What is a telephone pick-up coil used for?

You can use a telephone pickup-coil to record (plug it into the "mic" jack on your tape-recorder) or amplify (plug it into the "mic" jack on your amp) phone conversations; you can ...
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