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A PRE Fader aux is sent out BEFORE the volume fader (and usually the mute)... so any volume changes made on the fader are not reflected in the send. When monitoring, this means you can have a different mix going to the Monitors then the Mains... for example VO talent might want a guide track in the headphones to help with timing, but you don't want to hear ...


+1 to Sonsey's explanation of Pre and Post-fade sends. However, I'd add that you don't ALWAYS send monitor mixes prefade, either. I have a large vocal ensemble that I mix regularly, whose monitors sends I almost always send POST-fader. Why? Because I want them to hear in their monitors the same mix that the house is hearing, so that they can more ...


I don't think ProTools ever uses the last used fade type. There is a preference under "editing" to make and change the default fade type, I think thats what it always goes back to.


Sorry, but I don't have the ability to ask clarification on your question. Do you mean you're adding the ability for the end-user to choose a soundtrack themselves or you're asking about you adding he soundtrack before exporting the video? Assuming the latter... For me I try to first see if the song's natural ending can work before trying a fade. This ...

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