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What is the best WAV encoding and why?

I assume that you export sound in order to import it somewhere else. This process has a lot of details and used to be done in the step called "mastering" in the old recording days. I'm no ...
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Normalizing many small WAV files?

I use Sound Forge for this kind of thing. It has a feature that lets you specify a list of processes to run your sounds through, parameters to use, file formats and locations to save to, etc. It will ...
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Why does exporting a file in adobe audition reduce the desired length?

I think that you possibly have set up a project in Audition at the wrong sampling rate. Make sure that you are fully aware of the sampling rate of all the audio you are using and that the project ...
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Mix sounds terrible in PC, while it actually sounded good with headphones in other devices

There’s an entire science to mixing a master. The low and high frequencies need to be separated so that the wave spectrum doesn’t inter-lap and cause competition or distortion. The solution in the 90’...
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