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How to record wav file in bit depths lower than 8 bit?

Lower bit depths are not easily available simply because they are not looked for commercially, not because of some intrinsic technical difficulty. Audio interfaces or other capturing devices have ...
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Mad scientist: How to cancel out hum of known amplitude from signal of unknown amplitude?

For there to be any chance of 'subtraction' to work, there must be a phase-relationship between the two signals, which there is not likely to be in any of the cases you suggest. To understand why ...
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Bandpass filter on omnidirectional microphone (experimenting)

Traditional voice range was 300 Hz to 3000 Hz. But that was for telephones where only basic communication was the objective. For singing, you need to include at least a couple octaves of overtones. ...
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Video As Audio?

I once tried recording a video signal as audio on a vhs tape, if you squinted at it you could make out the original image on things with sharp contrast, it obviously did not get the colour burst so it ...
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