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Honestly, I think you'd have a much simpler task if you tried some de-clicker software on the best of the pair than attempt to keep two independently-recorded analogue tracks in prefect phase-sync for three minutes whilst cross-cutting by eye. I know of no software that could automate your chosen task. My de-clicker of choice is Waves X-Click Two others I'...


Recording Ambisonic A-Format audio is a fairly specialised task which should be undertaken by someone with experience in that particular field. You need a 4-channel field recorder with identical gain and phase structures across all 4 channels in order to record the 4-channel 1st order A Format signal. There are not many recording devices that are suitable ...


Try this will benefit you Good luck


You need to set up an Aux in Pro tools with Izotope Monitor as an insert, then select Monitor as the audio device in RX

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