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If you add a couple of microphones under the hood and in the trunk as well as have a microphone near the interior camera position as a reference for the sound, you can filter and mix the engine channels and trunk channels until it sounds similar to the near-camera mic. If needed, put a mic in the wheel well or under the car for tire noise (put it in foam and ...


It very much depends on your point of view when developing the audio for a AAA game. From a programmers point of view then yes the additional middle-ware could very well be rendered obsolete in terms of simply implementing sounds into the game or scripting things. However when mixing and implementing audio it is of great benefit to minimize the amount of ...


I am not sure if there are cheaper versions of this type of software! I could be wrong though. Have you tried using something like Unity, UT3ed or an API like Wwise to recreate the implementation of an engine? You could also create a procedural engine using Pure Data or Max MSP I think the book Designing Audio by Andy Farnell has a detailed description of ...


Look at Pure Data (or the commercial Max/MSP) on the software front and Arduino or Raspberry Pi (or both) on the hardware front. You'll need to dig in a lot to understand how to get them to do what you want, but those are the tools most often used for this type of creative interaction projects (involving sensors).

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