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How is the recorded sound of a galloping horse so much different from a trot or a canter?

Assuming you're not interested in the old Hollywood method of making foley horses, used for decades of cowboy movies - banging coconut shells into various substrates in a box - then you have to do it ...
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Battlefield 3 explosion "deaf" effect?

Temporary deaf effects are done with a low pass filter on the sound, then a single high pitched sine wave to emulate the ringing. I am not sure how unity works, but when the player if deaf, use their ...
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How do I make a good stabbing sound?

This depends a lot what you are trying to archieve with sound (is it supposed to imply power, violence, is it stealthy, do you want to emphasize the weapon used etc), but here are some elements I've ...
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How can you make a "playing in another room and it's raining" type sound?

Pan + Low Pass for Playing in another room. For Rain using a sample of Raining might do. You can use almost any DAW's Trial Version and do this. FL Studio Trial or even Ableton Live Lite.
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What is the vote effect on the Muse's Unsustainable song?

It sounds like some sort of vocoder - there's probably a preset on the MircoKorg that sounds like that. If you don't have access to a vocoder or vocoder plugin, then I would suggest the following: ...
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Want to create golden snitch wings sound effects

Put some glass cleaner on a mirror and rub with a towel
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How do I make a good stabbing sound?

These days, it's all about the sound being realistic; which unfortunately means shooting, punching and stabbing the producer. Don't forget to record it though! Just kidding, but a watermelon doesn't ...
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How to Create a "heavenly wobble" in FLStudio?

May be because of the notes, you might hear it's wobble. But actually it's more like gliding sub-bass. You can start with "3x Osc" default sound. 1 - To get a gliding sound, you need to turn on ...
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