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Which kind of dynamics processor is this (inverse expander, reverse compressor)?

You talk about increasing gain below threshold. An upward compressor does this. You mention "inverse expansion" - this is normally called an upward expander (sometimes called an "...
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Can spectrograms tell us why one song is "more dynamic" than the other?

TL;DR? Skip to "In Summary" Analysis in Numbers Simply put, dynamic range is the difference between the lowest and highest amplitude values of a given audio signal. - You could say it's the ...
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How do I eliminate (or reduce) the dynamic range?

You're heading in the right direction. Compression is what you need, though maybe you want more of it. A 'harder' version of compression is known as Limiting. Using a limiter rather than regular ...
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Understanding The Effect Of Attack On The Dynamic Range Of A Compressed Signal

You should consider that any signal is a combination of different frequency components all across the spectrum. Each of these components will have a differing amount of energy and will affect the ...
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