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These days, what used to be referred to as "the holy grail of the misinformed" is getting closer to actuality. There are now applications designed to do exactly this task - isolate parts of a complete mix & allow you to change their relative levels; including total removal or isolation of sections such as vocals, drums, bass or 'instruments'. ...


Deezer open-sourced their Spleeter stem separation engine in November 2019: Announcement here and the application is available on Github here. There's also Acon Digital's Acoustica here which since version 7.2 has offered stem separation tools (based on the Spleeter algorithm). Steinberg SpectraLayers from version 7 offers track to stems extraction (vocals ...


Hello joshuaronis and welcome to Sound Design SE. Your problem is related to the drivers of your sound card as well as to the capabilities your computer has. Reading the thread from the link you attached I have to say that those people there explained quite well what is going on and what the possible solutions would be. Generally speaking, and without going ...


That’s not a snare, it’s a rimshot and/or a woodblock hit.

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