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Lots of great answers here! I think one of the most effective methods is the ascending pitch, as mentioned by several others. the reason this works so well, is that it targets a very primal reaction in us. Humans naturally/instictively try to sync ourselves with our surroundings, and this can bee seen in almost every area of our lives. We cry when others do,...


The concept of rising sounds has been described in many answers, but one thing is missing: I have been using the idea of the Shepard–Risset glissando very successfully to create and (not to forget) to keep the tension. It's a rising sound, that never stops rising. Either you create a rising Shepard–Risset glissando ...


I think Robert Altman's multi-mic work is gives a really natural but unique/fresh perspective. Check out MASH and Nashville. Anything from Studio Ghibli is incredibly elegant. The Wind Rises is especially interesting for sound effects with lots of human vocalizations in them. The mix of The Wind Rises is also amazing for storytelling with mixing because of ...


There are many, so maybe I'll add more here later. I do actually think this is a good list to have on the site, so hopefully people will chip in. Immediatelly though, I think of the films of Michael Heneke such as Hidden, Code Unknown and The White Ribbon. All very subtle and very controlled in their use of sound. Often what is left out is more important ...


link it up and I'll give it a listen


A link to your work could raise some interest ;)

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