I really like Kyoshi Kurosawa's work. His style is very spartan and almost lo fi, sonically. Two films to check out are Pulse and Cure (Tokyo Sonata is another). Dead silence is used at certain points in these films, and the effect it has in each case is interesting. His films can be difficult to watch if you're not in the right mood, but his style is ...


Check out Kaneto Shindo, especially Onibaba. Kurasawa, I like The Bad Sleep Well a lot, Ozu, Naruse. I also really rate Tomu Uchida, if you can get a copy you must watch Killing in Yoshiwara. +1 for Kyoshi Kurosawa too. I've been meaning to get round to watching more of Kinji Fukasaku's films (of Battle Royale fame), so maybe that's a good idea too.

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