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The actual signal on the output of an AD converter looks more like B. A looks like a parallel link: the 3 bits are sent at the same time via different, parallel paths. A can also be used as a more symbolic interpretation: instead of showing the output bit by bit, it shows the output sample by sample. B is a serial link: the bits are sent one after the ...


Link them up exactly as you would with a guitar amp - guitar > pedals > amp/Scarlett. Analog effects pedals don't have latency. Only once you go through the computer will you see any latency at all. If the Scarlett has a 'through' setting that avoids going through the computer before it can send to headphones/monitors, then you can avoid that too.


Andy Farnell's Pure Data patches sure will help you a lot! It would be nice if you specified the kind of water sounds... Anyway, here you probably have most flavours you want: Water bubbles Running water Pouring water Rain Go and get them :)

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