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Most USB devices use the standard USB audio device driver, as they all conform to the USB Audio standard. Behringer has a cohort of haters out there that spend all their time not making music and just bagging hardware vendors they don't like. Behringer actually make some pretty good and affordable gear. RME is also definitely worth a look - their devices are ...


This is how I learnt to connect a MixPre with an H4n. (It works, and gives really nice quality audio) ZOOM H4N WITH SOUND DEVICES MIXPRE: HOW TO PROPERLY CONNECT THE TWO FOR PRISTINE AUDIO


So: Make sure your mixdown track(s) is always the same for the whole project (usually 1, or 7+8, or 1+2) Deliver your original multitrack audio to the editor and sound department The assistant editor will import the audio create synced subclips for edit using only the mixdown track(s), but the other tracks will still be easily available through "match ...

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