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Besides having a proper setup (the right gear and the right usage), you should also look into getting exercises for your shoulders and back. I've been having serious issues for years after occasionally booming but mainly by having 'weak' shoulders and neglecting to do something about that. I can also totally recommend going to a physician/doctor specialized ...


If it is just a question of different outputs; assuming you want to record the audio signal itself, then you have no choice other than to record it through 1/4". Midi isn't a traditional audio signal.


First off I think it's a big decision to buy a field recording rig. It's very good that you ask about these things, because it can prevent you from buying the wrong gear for the purpose. But you never mentioned your purpose of buying it in the first place. What do you plan to record? Quiet Ambiences or cars? My question is, is the combination Denecke PS-2 /...


Petrol makes an awesome bag system, and they have an optional harness that you can purchase to use with it. Highly recommended.

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