It happens all the time. We also contact friends and peers who might have the sounds we need, and trade effects back and forth (which is a great way to expand your library). Everything in audio post is predicated on budget, time and need. We'd all love to record or synthesize brand new sounds for every element needed in a film, but that's just not a ...


Definitely do not play a background song under your foley work. Have faith that potential employers will judge and understand your work for what it is. If you did the foley, then play the foley in all its glory.


The detail work is really nice - especially the armour Foley. Though I think you could exaggerate the footfalls on the big guy in the helment - give him some weight. He sounds pretty like on his feet. Though the monster growls are really nice - it's not obvious that it's coming from the creatures at the end of the cave. I actually thought it was the ...

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