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Can delay pedals output the delayed audio without any additional effects?

Yes, pretty much any delay - hardware or software - can do this. Delay devices have a 'feedback' setting which you would want to turn to zero, and a wet / dry setting which you would want to turn to ...
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Understanding the Wet/Dry Knobs & Feedback for a Delay Plugin

We call 'wet', the return from an FX processor. 'Dry' is the input signal to the effect. So if you turn 'wet' down and 'dry' up, the signal will pass through the effects unit unchanged. The reason ...
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Effects order in sound design

In general the order matters a great deal. You'd generally want your chain to go something like Filters/EQ -> Compression -> Time effects (Reverb/Delay). EQ first because you usually wouldn't want to ...
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Why am I experiencing unsynchronized audio during recording?

The most likely culprit is that you are using a non-integer frame-rate with your camera, but when you are bringing the footage into the computer it is finding it's way into the timeline at a different ...
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In regards to live sound, what is "Mix Coherency"?

Here I am slightly older and slightly "smaarter". I attended a system tuning training by Rational Acoustics and was able to get an answer to my question! Mix coherency refers to the ratio of change ...
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Find the delay between an "almost" echoing signal in a recoding

Uh, clap your hands once. If that doesn't give you an in-the-face clue in the audio waveforms, I don't know what will. Movie takes use clapperboards for a reason.
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MIDI input 3 second delay lag

I have experienced the same issue, including just yesterday preparing for a live performance, and thought the unit was broken. Apparently based on your post, it is a bug in the 1x1 itself. To ...
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MIDI input 3 second delay lag

Had the same problem with E-Mu MIDI 1x1, windows 7 64 bit. Disconnectng and reconnecting the MIDI USB solved the mystery delay. Thanks.
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