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As of 2020, I would approach this with Dante - I would use a Dante enabled preamp and then route the Dante channels to any number of DAW's on the same network. I would not try and run multiple DAW's on the one computer - that would likely cause issues. Just install Dante Virtual Soundcard on each computer, then use the Dante enabled preamp as the clock ...


What you are looking for is a Dugan automixer. This can be acquired as either a hardware processing device, as software inside an existing hardware device such as a mixer, or as a VST plugin. I strongly don't recommend you attempt to re-engineer the Dugan algorithm with discrete plugins - this will be re-inventing the wheel and will ultimately fail as ...


Yes, this is possible. I've used MP3 Trimmer which does this. However, the result was unplayable in some programs (no audio after the first point in the file I edited), so I ended up reencoding anyway.

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