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There are a lot of free DAWs, and they bring some sample sounds, like instruments, effects, voices, etc. But I guess you don't need to choose the DAW because of the samples. You can find free sample packs on the internet and be free to choose the DAW you want or you think is more easy to use. In this link you have some free DAWs: https://thehomerecordings....


So finally Reaper can do that. I looks that you can export unlimited duration files which is not possible with any other DAW I tried as Pro Tools, Logic Pro or Ableton Live.


Buffer under-run or clock sync issues. There, that was easy to say… much harder to diagnose ;) To over-simplify, both of those are reasons that the audio has to run to catch up all the time, meaning it occasionally skips a bit. Whenever that generates a rapid zero crossing in the audio waveform (in effect, a big sudden step rather than a sine wave), it will ...

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