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Field recording databases

This is a Community Wiki answer, feel free to add your finds... Field Recording Databases Freesound >> (added by yunque) + Search by license, format, bitrate, sample ...
2 votes

Field recording databases

here's another one: freeSFX + Easy to navigate thematic organization + Curated generally useful incidental sounds + Free commercial use, provided not main focus (full license) - relatively ...
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I'm looking for a database of open source audio plug-ins that will work with several DAWs, particularly Logic.

I haven't tried their VSTs so can't guarantee they work in Logic but in theory they should work in any VST host (any DAW that supports VST)
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SoundMiner Relink Spotting List files

Found a solution: I located the ~/Library/Application Support/Soundminer/Spotting folder and replaced all the OLD FX DRIVE PATHS with "NEW DRIVE NAME" with textwrangler on all relevant ...
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Sound effect library management on Windows?

For lower budgets, Soundminer do the HD range, which works on both Mac and PC. It's a fraction of the cost of the full Soundminer v4, and I highly recommend it if it's within your price range.
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Audio File Organization

I think for sound design elements (very basic things like a low thud, tool clutter, cork pop) it is good to give files a rudimentary searchable name. For finished sound effects with many elements you ...
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