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Look into the Avid webinars. They have a good number that are focused on post-production work. The ones w/ Scott Weber are particularly good, they just released a new one called Creating the Indie Film Soundtrack. It comes w/ a downloadable session, and it's all free (just requires registration).


I think you need to speak to the people running the courses. Write down what you need to get out of this for you, then go and have a chat with each of them. Some people believe that universities just want to get as many students as they can on their courses, but it's really not like that - they will be just as concerned that you are making the right choice (...


Pinnacle College has a comprehensive game audio program - A lot of schools offer just a few classes in game audio or you need to enroll in a program not totally dedicated to interactive/game audio but as an adjunct or a minor. There are also a lot of really good DIY type courses - check out ...

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