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Is per-stem reverb the same as reverb for the full mix?

In theory, yes. A filter is known as linear if it is both additive and homogeneous. For an additive filter, the filtered sum of signals is the same as the sum of filtered signals. (Homogeneity means ...
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Neutral reverb without sense of room for making wind

Have you tried worldizing your samples? It won't cost you anything but your time and you'll undoubtably learn a lot in the process. Also, try reaching for complex delays in lieu of reverbs. Soundtoys ...
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How do I use Impulse Responses from Waves in another convolution plugin

The reason that Waves store the files in a 'wir' format is to make them proprietary, thus preventing you from using them elsewhere. You would have to reverse-engineer the 'wir' file format, extract ...
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Is per-stem reverb the same as reverb for the full mix?

Print the stem only reverbs to an audio track, then print the full mix with reverb to an audio track, line the tracks up to start at the same time, solo them, and invert the phase on one of the tracks ...
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