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DIY contact microphone

Here is a nifty preamp circuit that provides a FET buffer and balances the signal, which deals with all the issues you are discussing. The circuit is based on the work of Alex Rice.) You attach the ...
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Recording ants: mic recommendations?

Have you looked into condenser microphones? Instead of the dynamic mics, condensers are used for more intimate sound recordings. Additional, the Sanken brand makes some microphones for such needs. "...
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For public lectures, what hidden mic setup needs to be used?

You will need a wireless lav mic. Two manufacturers of such systems at entry level prices (as wireless can be very expensive) are Sennheiser and Shure (there are other manufacturers, of course). Now,...
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How to define specifications for contact microphones?

That's a great question. I think your explanation of the problem would be good to share with customers, educating them rather than providing them with a meaningless spec. Then maybe link to a couple ...
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