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Mixing matrices within custom layer on QL 5

There is no way to use the SEL button to enter sends on fader mode. You can set one of the USER KEYS to enter SENDS ON FADER mode for a specific mix or just in general though.
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Understanding what equipment I need for my Specific Needs

a phantom powering box You don't need that. The 1622-FX has a built-in Phantom power. You should ONLY use this if you have a condenser microphone that actually needs it. Dynamic mics are typically a ...
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What Soundcraft Spirit Folio 12/2 mixing desk/console outputs are balanced?

It looks like Monitor L/R are unbalanced, while Mix L/R and Aux 1/2 are balanced. For Mix and Aux you've got two wires (+ and 180°) coming out of the opamp and going to the Tip and Ring contacts. ...
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What is a good way to connect an analog soundboard to a computer?

You can use the "record outputs" on your mixer which are RCA left and right (stereo) outputs, and connect them to a USB interface. Something like this interface would be all you need. The difference ...
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