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Recording field audio of car engine/exhaust/etc

I strongly disagree with a lot of Dave's recommendations, based on my experience recording vehicle sounds for racing games, advertisement and sound engineering: an engine under load doesn't sound ...
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Designing a sub-woofer enclosure - suitable for an amateur?

Certainly you can optimize (or at least increase) the performance (efficiency, flatness, coverage, etc. etc.) of a speaker system by using the standard tools. You can use the Thiele-Small parameters ...
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Accurately recording both voice and engine sound

Noise cancellation techniques typically involve two microphones placed closely together, where the one you don't talk into is phase inverted. The sound that hits both microphones equally is then ...
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Car & Two Wheeler Simulator Sound

As far as tools go, you should be looking at WWISE and/or FMOD. This is effectively a game sound exercise and these are possibly the most appropriate tools. UNITY also has a sound engine which can be ...
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Should i buy amplifiers?

Radios have an build-in amplifier. You need to check if the Watts of the radio are enough for you. At the backside of the radio you can find the informations. Also you have to check the impedance. The ...
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Recording field audio of car engine/exhaust/etc

I know this is almost 5 years old... However, I stumbled upon something that supports EMV's answer. RØDE made a hot lap recording of a GTR and also showed a setup for consumers without a massive ...
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Looking for sound effects of old vintage cars, circa 1950's to 1960's

I think the guys at just did a bunch of field recording in Cuba, where lots of old '50s cars are still in use. You might contact them and see what they've got.
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