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Studio mic --> Headphone jack not working

The suspect area is the ¼" jack & ¼" - ⅛" adaptor. It needs to be correctly wired as a mic input to that specific jack socket, which on a Mac is a 4-pole connector, TRRS, for headset/mic combos. ...
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Can you use HD-SDI cables to loop antennas for wireless mics?

Usually, RF antennas coaxial cables have a 50 Ω (Ohms) characteristic impedance whereas HD-SDI cables have a 75 Ω characteristic impedance. The user manual of your line6 product actually mentions a ...
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Is there a way for me to hook up my headphones ( regular headphone jack ) via Bluetooth?

Yes, they exist. Here is one from Sony. Sony’s DRC-BT30P Bluetooth Headphone Adapter Let’s You Use Your Existing Earbuds
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