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No, I don't think you can fix that unless you have a fully equipped studio for forensic analysis, very good ears and a LOT of time. What you're hearing has a number of problems. The greatest is that its time is messed up due to a (circular) buffer that wasn't filling fast enough. This is what causes these repetitions. If I can hear well, a second track (the ...


Have you tried contacting support? Or looking in the support forums? What about track routings? Do you have any routing going on that could lead to a feedback loop, or does it happen in clean/new projects as well? The quickest way to try it in another DAW is to download REAPER.


I have actually never had any problems with version 5.53 yet, other than Altiverb and Waves messing up my exits from the program, but I know from before that Nuendo at least has been very reluctant to handle samplerates not matching the project. Mixing Wave and Broadcast Wave is no problem, actually the same format with added Mata-data though. The only way ...

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