Getting a doorknob from a junkyard should do the trick. And, I like adding in a bit of spring-action to my guns, so I used a three-hole-punch with squeeky (not TOO squeeky) hinges with springs in them. I've also used large staplers opening and closing because they have a spring in them, too.


this sounds like a fun problem. :) by what percentage is the footage slowed down? if its in the 10-20% range, you could go with straight foley and it may work (no pitching or slowing down required, just perform it to picture) and leave bgfx natural sounding. This will give the impression that all of this is actually happening at the slower speed in ...


Just a bunch of random weapon foley clicks and hits should do the trick. But I agree it is pretty important to know if its slow motion or regular speed. Regular speed you would probably only get a quarter of a second of time to work with if that. Slow motion would give you several seconds i'm assuming. It would be best to find that out before moving ...

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