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Did you check the manual, see snippet below. A SM58 is a dynamic microphone and needs to be connected at microphone level. You will need a XLR-XLR cable. Mic/Line Inputs Each analog source input channel provides combination XLR/TRS on the rear panel. These balanced/unbalanced analog audio inputs sup- port the following input levels: • Mic (microphone) for ...


Well it turns out that I had something plugged into the headphones socket which gates the outputs to the monitors. It works!


I think it is only activated when the cursor is over a track that is displaying a waveform, and next to it, the sample value for that position of the mouse over the track. For example, if you are working on some volume automation for a certain track, try hovering the mouse over that particular track to see how that white waveform icon disappears from the ...


ProTools does have a built in surround panner, it has for a long time. Have you read the manual at all? It sounds like you already have a bias against ProTools without having actually used it all based on your 2nd question. You just have to have the 5.1 mixer installed and surround panning will work. Did you click on the small fader next to the volume ...

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