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Audition cc bus not receiving input

Never mind I solved it. The trick is to make sure that audition isn't re-routing the bus to the master track and that correct audio tracks are routing sends to the correct bus, located on top of the ...
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BOSS RC-300: how to record from AUX?

Is there the possibility to record from AUX (phone, etc.) into a track in the RC-300? Yes. It tells you that on page 1 of the manual. You should read it. In fact, you should read the manual multiple ...
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Aux/monitor send to In ear monitoring system

If you don't need stereo, connect one aux output to the left input and set the transmitter to mono. This is the most common configuration for a band sharing a limited number of monitor mixes. ...
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Can headphones with 1/8" inputs be used with a mixing board's aux sends that output to XLR or 1/4"?

You will need a headphone amplifier that has balanced input
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How to use Aux send/return on Jeskola Buzz

I did a quick 'google' on the subject and found this, (I think this will be more use to you than my original answer)......
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How can I send internal FX to monitors on a Behringer mixer?

I just wanted to add a bit more details to Michael's answer regarding how to make it work with the UFX1204. I know it's 5 years later, but the manual doesn't properly address this trick. First, send ...
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What is the purpose of an AUX return?

If you were to route channels to external effects on the aux out you would have to return them to an unused stereo channel. On a big deck that may not be a problem but on a tiny mixer you may not have ...
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