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In general, to lift consonants, you have to push back the vowels, otherwise things can just get 'fizzy'. You could try this with EQ - lifting somewhere between 1 - 4kHz, but I think that's more likely to over-emphasise T's & S's than R's, resulting in 'fizzy'. I'd go for a compressor - particularly a multiband compressor. This will allow you to ...


Low- and Hi-pass filters, and EQ will let you return high or low frequencies very easily. You can remove any frequency range. I'm not sure it will do what you expect if you are thinking of it in terms of blending for images, but it is well worth playing around with filters and EQ so you see what can be done. "Difference" is a bit of a challenge. ...


FLAC is lossless compression. During compression, you can set a compression option: setting this to a higher level creates a smaller file that is still lossless by taking more time to process the file. This compression level is included in the file, so the decoder will know how to decompress it. So two FLACs created from the same source using different ...


If you scroll down, this site has a lot of detailed information on the way acoustic foam works for sound treatment. It includes the correct positioning and appropriate materials.

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