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Your assumption around buffering is incorrect. Any application that plays music out faster or slower will simply change the read-rate of the data to suit the play-out speed. The buffer size will not change. The only thing that will change is the rate at which the buffer is filled up again after being emptied. Note that this is only possible when reading ...


Binaural audio is a type of stereo encoding that allows the creation of immersive spatial audio experiences for the listener. Although binarual audio can be created directly through the application of dummy-head recording techniques, it can also be generated through the use of Head-Related-Transfer-Function processing techniques which use filtering and ...


I have a recording of my self and someone else as me a tv is in the back round can I take out the tv


USB power is limited to 5v @ 500ma - this is about 2.5W which is not a lot, particularly if you are feeding a few channels with phantom power. For smaller output only interfaces, USB power would probably be fine, but once you are powering input preamps and phantom power, perhaps with a headphone monitor, you need more power than a USB interface can supply. ...

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