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I assume you want the microphone positions to be noticeable in the output. So you'll need to mix these 4 signals into a surround sound format. At its most basic, you could record 4 channels, and play them back into 4 loudspeakers that are placed in the same pattern you used for your microphones. The most common surround formats use 5 speakers (L front, R ...


Audacity has white noise signal insertion, pink noise signal insertion and maybe brown noise as well, and then record the voices using the microphone input into the computer. The X-plane 11 simulator software may give you some of the aircraft sounds needed to add as background noise, and then (honestly) perhaps look up ways that pilots do communicate in the ...


Based on a suggestion by Jojek in a comment, I tested the DC output using a sinusoidal signal of stepped amplitude: The results are given for 90dB SPL, 80dB SPL and 70dB SPL as read on the meter display. The plot also display the RMS value of the DC signal provided by the SLM. Barring measure error, the result matches the specifications of 33 mV/dB ...


Go to or something I'd say.

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