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After comments. Voiceover, like any recording activity, is a skill. One built up with much practise. If you're recording yourself, then it's two inter-related skills. You can practise this by reading a book or your script out loud. Consider your pacing, breathing, diction & projection. Even if you are unskilled, your voice will tend towards a more ...


According to the Alesis manual, the 1/4" line out follows the speaker outputs, so you could run a line from there into one of the inputs on the sub (which has a built in crossover), set the sub volume appropriately, then control the overall system level with the Master level knob.


The only time I have ever had a problem like the one you have described (where the signal improves if I pull the cord out half way) is when there is something wrong with the cable I was using. One time I bought a 2$ TS cable from the local music store and couldn't figure out why my brand new out of the box pre-amp wasn't working for 48 hours. It took me 48 ...

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