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You have 4 questions there - and we really want only one question in a post, however they are all very related so: Especially when playing high-gain metal, electric guitar is noisy - you pick up mains hum, possibly physical and contact noise from the cable and body of the guitar etc. Your amp sim setup seems quieter than the setups I use until I enable a ...


You didn't mention what program you use to record, but if it's not OBS I recommend you try that out. I have an arctis pro with the gamedac for chatmix and I can input the game and chat audios into separate 'desktop audio' channels, and it will record them both at the same time. Only caveat is the chatmix knob wont affect the recording what so ever, so it'll ...


Some manufacturers such as Yamahiko makes pickups for pianos, not sure about your budget but it might be something worth checking out as well.

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