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For microphones, the best bang for your buck with the added value of low self-noise...Rode mics are my "go to." I have a pair of NT55: small diaphragm condensors with exchangeable capsules (cardioid and omni) included. You can look a factory matched pair and their specs here If you are recording ambiences it is nice to have a stereo pair and a stereo bar (...


If a sound element has been directed in front height left by the sound mixer, why would you send it to a the rear left height speaker ? It would mess up the artistic intent of the mix.


Myself, I'm pretty fond of the Line Audio CM3 and Oktava MK012 when if comes to lower budget microphones! I don't really like, let's call it "grayness" of the Röde-line (a matter of taste though, mind you). Though also a colder mic than the CM3 and 012, I also like the old AKG CK1, which is sold as CK451 now. Allegedly the same mic (haven't tried ...

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