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A couple of good resources check out IRCAM's research on many different areas within sound/music: Shannon Mattern's course is thoroughly documented, a good mix of theoretical and practical stuff :


In my opinion, there is no commercial art. When you produce something with the intention to sell it, it is a product and not an artwork. So for me, the purpose is the deciding factor, if something is art or not. As an example: The music industrie vs. homemade music: The music industrie engineers songs on purpose. From the start, the songs are written for ...


If you're heading down the path of interactive design, you will likely not be served better than by acquiring skills in Max/MSP (or related software like PureData, Plogue Bidule etc). What you get is basically a blank canvas upon which to build, without presumption, your ideas. If you're disciplined, you can even teach yourself using the provided tutorials. ...

1 use headphones


Hi all, I was following this thread. I love that some of you are as interested as I am in using ambisonics with the visual medium. At this point, my master's thesis may well be redundant and out of date, but hopefully it can be of help. Thanks for the shout out, Daniel! You can find it here:

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