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Ruben, You mention that you don't wan't to incorporate phase at all—I'm guessing that you mean you don't want to design a kind of phase shift based on delay? Keep in mind that, unless your two mics are placed in the exact same point in space, there will be some difference in time arrival (aka, a phase difference) between the two signals. This is a very good ...


Hi and welcome! Check out Tim Prebble's blogpost on contact mic's: Good luck! Arnoud


Well I've tried to come close : I used reaper, Izotope Trash 2 for saturation and Izotope Ozone 5 for multiband compression. 1. pitch shift - 3 semitones 2. Cut some low freqs with EQ 3. Izotope Trash with these settings : 4. Izotope Ozone with these settings : You ...


I have just seen the following article where this sound effect is mentioned ( It is interesting to note that the dialogue was recorded with two mics: one in the helmet itself and the other on the chest. Clearly the timbre of the two recordings will be different, ...


Also guitar pick up are ok for those ticking sounds

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