Depends... If it's a track played by humans then unless they played to a click then it's unlikely the BPM is consistent because people will fluctuate tempo. Obviously the best will fluctuate only microscopically but fluctuate all the same. However it's electronic then the BPM is (likely) to be consistent. Therefore what happens isn't that it suddenly goes ...


Short answer to that is that it takes a lot more processing to split the frequency spectrum up into sections and then use triggers(or envelope followers) on the level of each section, than to simply use a single trigger on the output level. I would have thought there'd be some out there though. I've done a bit of 3D design on a personal level and I managed ...


The audience also has an opinion nowadays and the typical slapstick sounds stick out because of over usage. It depends on the scene/setting ofcourse. I've never used those type of sounds and always try to create something new for cartoonish SFX. It works just as well (or better) and keeps things interesting for me, the client and the audience.

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