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I was shocked that when cranked to max, the sound pressure was significantly lower than with the cheap amp. Did you measure this, or was this perceived loudness? If it's perceived loudness: distorted sound can be perceived as louder than clean sound. And this is a big difference between cheap and expensive amplifiers: the expensive one will be able to ...


It is called salesmanship hype. That power is peak instantaneous but cannot be done for long nor can the average power go over 150 watts in x efficiency.


For example, the U-220 outputs are T and S. On the UMC404HD, T -> T, S -> R & S. I'm guessing that since S is the ground voltage (is that right?), the UMC interprets R as a 0v signal, inverts it and sums it with T. The net result is that T is unchanged, although with less volume that if the setup were balanced at both ends. Not quite. With balanced ...

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