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A shock-mounted condenser mic is an odd choice for karaoke. Can't be hand-held & will have little to no feedback rejection. Yes, it needs phantom power, but by the time you've bought the power supply & new XLR-XLR mic cable, you could have got a cheap hand-held dynamic mic which would be far better suited to the job.


First off… pros don't just decide they want to turn their amp up halfway through a gig. That's what sound crews are for; there's one guy whose job it is to make sure everyone on stage can hear themselves clearly. That aside, at a large gig it wouldn't make the slightest difference front of house. There's not really a great deal of the actual amp's volume ...


First a short historical notice. In the old days, professional headphones often where 600 Ohm, sometimes 250 Ohm. The IEC standard from 1996 recommended an output impedance of 120 Ohms for the headphone amp. This worked perfectly as the supply voltage in the headphone amplifier often was 20V or more. The value of 200 Ohms output impedance on the HX3 worked ...

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