I agree with George - an online identity is important (even if only a simple "interactive business card" style website), but also CONSISTENCY in your online presence across all media platforms. I also agree with Andrew that mixers and conventions and any other opportunities to be around people physically can help. If anything, it helps everyone put a name ...


Although I am not a lawyer, I believe that the CALM act does apply to commercials, either the ones you produce in-house or the one provided by a third party (as I suppose you are in the US). For the technical aspects of achieving such compliance, the ATSC A/85:2013 seems a good starting point.


Honest emails...much in the tone that you've written this question...can work. Sometimes you luck out. I also suggest industry functions like meet ups, conventions, hardware/software demonstrations, development councils etc. Also, A lot of time people over look connections they already have. Ping everyone you think has a shot at either using your service....

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