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How to make the music sounds like playing in the picture

In addition to a little reverb (convolution reverbs are critical tools for sound for picture, IMHO), it will still sound like soundtrack music with extra reverb unless it is filtered. You could run ...
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How to make the music sounds like playing in the picture

You need to add reverb and reflection similar to that room. Think convolution reverb with an impact that fits the restaurant space and eq with low pass if there are obstruction in the way of the sound....
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Does "converting" mp3 file two times, makes a difference?

Yes, there will be a difference. Mp3 is a lossy codec that deteriorates with every generation. It's bad practice to use mp3 (or lossy compression in general) at any stage where the audio may yet be ...
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Selection Shortcut for Adobe Audition

It seems you've searched the keyboard shortcuts so the next step is either some type of macro recorder within AA(?Like Cubase has?) or an external keyboard macro recorder. You could then have a single ...
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Silenting the noise down, after recording

Surprised nobody here has mentioned actual denoising algorithms. If you can't remove the source of the noise or can't re-record what you already have, look into effects such as izotope rx and edison. ...
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What is the purpose of an FFT filter?

An "FFT filter" is not an established term. The main purpose of FFT is to speed up convolution with an ongoing signal (cf "overlap-add" and "overlap-shift" algorithms), so I expect the "FFT filter" ...
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