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Zoom H6 overdubbing

I wonder if I can copy a soundtrack to Zoom H6 so that I can record my voice while hearing that track. The same thing that they do in the studio when recording a song, but just with Zoom H6 without a ...
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Recording instruments on Zoom H6

I just bought a new Zoom H6 with a purpose of recording digital Piano and maybe record my voice with online teaching. However, regarding the Piano recording, I tried first plugging a single TRS cable ...
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Lapel Mics (Receiver) – Why use 'AF Out'?

Under what circumstances would one increase the AF out on the Receiver for wireless lapel mics? Currently we just increase the Gain controls on the H6
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Field recording with a Zoom H6?

I'm doing more and more field recordings recently, starting to really like it, and I want to know more of it. Is there someone who using a Zoom H6 with its own mics for ambience recording? If so, what ...
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How to record voice and guitar with Zoom H6

I have a Zoom H6 that I use mainly for voice recording purposes. Now I want to make a video for a friend who is singer. Will be voice + guitar. I'm wondering how should I setup the H6 with one of ...
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Reducing hiss on H6

I'm a novice having some issues making a recording, and could use some advice. I want to make ambient recordings, so need to reduce all background noise. When I say 'background' noise, I mean the ...
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Why do some XLR connectors take batteries?

New to audio recording, and have a question regarding my mics. A few months back I acquired two Audio Technica AT899 lav mics, that I connect to a Zoom h4n. I use these to record interviews. I ...
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Zoom H6 recording levels

I purchased a Zoom h6 for recording sync sound for my movies. I am using a Røde ntg 3 shot gun mic., using phantom power. Recently I recorded some ambient sounds for my short film. I found ...
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How to Improve 1-Mic 2-People Video Podcast Audio (with Audience)?

Everyone seems to have unique issues, and I was hoping for some advice. I help out on a video podcast/show, with two people at a table, and currently record them with just a Zoom H6 on a stand ...
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Bag/Pouch for Zoom H6

I'm sure a lot of people bought the Zoom H6 as a handy recorder for some situations. I just bought it too, and I'm wondering how to wear it, since I will use it with a boom and a pre. I want to keep ...
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Should I sell my D50 to buy the new Zoom H6?

What do you guys think - should I sell my D50 to buy the new Zoom H6? Im a student so I dont have much money, and Ive read that the H6 preamps were OK. Anybody can confirm? Thing is, I love my D50 ...
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Awesome solution - Zoom H6 Handy Recorder

H6 Handy Recorder Someone knows more information? (source:
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