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RC300: using a dynamic mic via JACK or XLR

Does the RC300 (or any audio device in general) have a special internal gain for the XLR input? When using a dynamic mic via JACK the sound level is very minimal, whereas when using it with the XLR ...
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Can a bad XLR cable break my usb audio interface?

From church, I took home two XLR Cables (16 AWG) that I considered may be broken, so that I could test them in a more controlled environment. My Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 has been working great in the ...
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How do you correct a very low microphone input volume?

I'm recording Youtube videos and for audio using a Behringer C3 with a Shure X2U adapter for my PC (Dell Inspiron, running Windows 10). I use Camtasia for screen-casting and then editing the videos. ...
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Phantom Power: Would it run through TSR plugs and if so would it cause electrocution?

I have a professional external sound card and a condenser mic. However I'm not a musician and I have not bought the equipment for the purpose music production as it is only for the purpose developing ...
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Using radio mics with SQN mixer

I have a few questions regarding the usage of radio mics and their input level into an SQN mixer; Does the radio transmitter/receiver for the mic transmit/receive "mic level" or "line level" audio, ...
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XLR connection for H4n is loose: Where/how to repair?

Howdy. My H4n is an awesome workhorse, but over the years, the XLR inputs have gotten a little loose. What this means, practically is that when I'm recording anything through the XLR inputs, I pick ...
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Recording Multiple Kinds Of Microphones In Reaper

I've had a AT2020 USB mic for a while but I recently bought a Scarlett 2i2 and a MXL 990. Is it possible for me to record both microphones in Reaper? If so how? I know it'd be ideal to just get ...
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How to set the Zoom H4N for recording with external mic & lav?

I'm having a hard time getting the right settings on my new Zoom H4N for recording with 2 XLR inputs – a shotgun mic and wireless lavalier system for a film shoot. I can't figure out how to turn off ...
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Handheld XLR Input Tests

Hey guys! I tried searching the many questions about these handhelds, but I have a specific question: Has anyone done tests or has anyone tried out various handhelds to know which one sounds the best ...
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