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Are there any field recording windscreen solutions for DPA 4011-TL stereo set?

I have a stereo pair of DPA 4011-TLs that I use for instrument recording, but I also want to use them for field recording if possible. I'm having a hard time finding a blimp or windshield solution ...
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Pop filter vs Foam windscreen – is either better? [Zoom H4n]

[Zoom H4 mounted on desk tripod] For recording a VO at a desk, is there a significant difference in recorded quality when using the supplied foam windscreen or a high quality bolt on Pop filter?
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Pencil mic windjammer recommendations

I recently bought a pair of Line Audio's CM3 for stereo ambiance recording. I'm now looking for windjammers. Anyone tested the Rode WS8? they're pretty cheap. My other options are : Rycote Baby ball, ...
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Shotgun mic orientation inside windshield

Maybe this is a silly question, but here it goes. When I put my shotgun mic (416) in the windshield, I don't know if I should orient the interference gaps horizontally or vertically. ¿Does the mic ...
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Rycote Hex Head Key?

I have been using the Rode Blimp for a while but I just picked up a new Mic (Sanken Css5) and a Rycote windscreen. The Rycote comes with something called a "Hex Head Key", anyone know what this ...
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Smashing a car windshield

Tomorrow I'll be micing the interior of this beat-up car where the windshield is going to be smashed in with a golf club by the main character. I was thinking about micing the interior with an sm57 ...
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New Zoom H2 Windshield (the one it comes with)?

Hi All, Today I got my hands on a Rycote windjammer for the H2. Roughly 10 minutes after trying it out I seem to have lost my original windshield that came with it! Typical :/ Searched high and low ...
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Opinions about windshield blimp

Hi everyone, I'm looking to buy a zeppelin for the microphone, but usually used in big productions I can not pay. I've looked at alternatives and found this, someone has tried and can compare it with ...
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