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Audio lags / drop-outs across the whole system (Windows 7 SP1)

I have a brand new clean Windows 7 64bit SP1 setup with newest hardware (i7-4770, SSD 1TB, 16GB RAM etc.). The main utilization of the computer is music production. However, I have problems with ...
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Is it normal to get this much background noise (no ambient noise) when recording to a PC?

I do some voiceover work at home and have been experimenting with mics for a while. I've had background noise with 5 of the 7 Mic I've tried. And it's not the same noise. The spectrum for each is ...
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Is there a way to preview the sample rate and channel info for audio files in windows 7?

I switched over to Windows 7 a month or two ago and was dismayed to find out that you can no longer view things like the sample rate and channel info (i.e. mono/stereo) in the explorer. In Windows XP, ...
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