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Chirping Whine in USB Audio Interface [duplicate]

I’ve got an issue and I can’t really pinpoint it despite the search terms of USB audio whine giving me plenty of ideas up to this point. I’ve got a Behringer U-Phoria UMC22 and a connected Rode NTG3 - ...
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3 answers

Whistling arrow through the air

I am doing some sound design for an animation and it has camera angles that are very close to flaming arrows shooting past. I have made a base sort of sound using a coat hanger swishing through the ...
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Whistling bomb sound

Hey Guys! First time posting. i was wondering if anyone has any ideas on creating a whistling bomb sound, like a falling bomb. without sounding too cartoony. my first thought was to record a Nerf ...
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How do you record someone whistling?

I had to record someone whistling for a sound effect on a film I worked on recently. That was really hard to record. I tried different mics... About 10 of them... I finally ended up with a C12 ...
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