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0 answers

Mandarin Chinese Walla

Does anyone have any Mandarin walla they'd be willing to share or suggestions on where to find it? I'd be into doing a trade for some of my own field recordings. Preferably looking for something very ...
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2 answers

Making dialog appear "distant"

I have some dialog that i want to match into the soundscape to be a background voice. (turning it into Walla basically) Since it has been recorded like a closeup VO i am wondering what tricks / ...
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1 answer

Creating walla from dialogue

I have some dialogue that is clean and it's easy to understand what the people are saying but I was wondering if there is a way to create this dialogue into walla so it's unrecognizable. Thank you.
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African American Walla

Does anyone know of sources for wallah\crowd librarys focused on African American \ AAVE (preferably southern) voices ?
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1 answer

Walla / Crowd Recording - Do I need signatures?

I recently recorded some crowds and coffee shops while field recording. It didn't occur to me that I might need signatures before I release the sound effects. After googling, I kept getting Walla ...
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Where to find walla/ ambiences suitable for historical drama?

I'm working on a radio drama set in ancient Rome and I'm having trouble finding walla/ ambience/ room tones that are inconspicuous. Most of the audio files I can get my hands on are only really ...
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Arabic Walla Recordings

Am looking for some Arabic walla. Conversations as well as yelling/screaming (as if under attack). Any libraries have these available?
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2 answers

English spoken in M&E BGs

How do you handle discernible English walla in crowd BGs (library or otherwise) in an M&E for dramatic television? I've heard some take the momentarily understandable bits and just reverse it, ...
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2 answers

FX REQUEST: Jamaican Walla + Stingers [closed]

EXT DAY - Poor Jamaican town. Lonely kid walks down the street and all we see are birds and a few dogs. So we want convey activity in this scene where there really is none. I have added some sounds ...
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1 answer

Outdoor Crowd Party Walla request

Hello everyone, I find myself once again asking for your help with a project. Currently, I'm editing sound fx for a feature film, and there's a rather large scene (8 or 9 minutes aprox) taking place ...
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4 answers

Request: Historical Street Atmos/Walla (Pre-50s)

I'm wondering if anyone has or knows where I could find Street Ambience or Walla from the first half of last century. I'm not concerned about a specific nationality or language. I'm working on a uni ...
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3 answers

sound request - suitcase wheeled on cobblestone

Does anyone have any sfx of a suitcase being wheeled on cobblestone? I've been working on a feature the past two weeks, and have to finish it up by next week, and I don't have the time to go out to ...
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5 votes
2 answers

recording outdoor crowd walla

Howdy. Does anyone have experience recording outdoor crowd walla? I am planning for a session of 30+ people in an outdoor setting and was thinking of recording in quad using a sound devices 744t. ...
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3 answers

Good Walla Libraries

Hello Everyone, This is my first post on this forum. It looks like a great community and I look forward to chatting with you all. I have been looking for a good walla library lately. Does anyone ...
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