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5 answers

Emotional Monster Voices

Hello Everybody, Ive been wondering for many days to create monster voices with emotion. So the idea is to get emotion in voices like in the movie WALL-E, but they are robotic. So are there any ...
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What is the best way to change the voice from male to female (instantly)?

There are some software solutions as well as vocal performers. Anyway, it is unclear if vocal performer can produce any effect which would be impossible to get using software (if it modifies sound in ...
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References of music using drums, voices and clapping hands

I'm busy designing a directors pitch for a "neo-noir" feature film. One of the elements is obviously sound and music. My soundtrack is going to use a lot of natural sound-scapes (the film is set in a ...
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Do you mix with an RTA?

I've seen it mentioned a lot on this board that some of you patch in an RTA across a channel to see what you should address in EQ. Do any of you swear by using RTAs? With some people, it's ...
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The sound of voices in your head

I'm working on a scene where the referee of a basketball game comes back in the locker room after the game has ended, and he's supposed to be hearing crowd boo's in his head, because he made a ...
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2 answers

How to use unison without voice beating/phasing

I've been learning to make trance and progressive house for the past few years, and have always encountered the same problem when creating sounds with unison, eg. plucked saw chords. Every few stabs ...
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Using Audacity, how do I split out separate speakers from a single track to multiple tracks?

I have a single file containing a speaker and callers. Assuming that I can discretely select each voice, how can I use Audacity to split the callers and the speaker into two separate tracks?
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2 answers

How to filter speech so you can hear the tone of a voice but not the words?

I have video files and I want to edit the sound so you can interpret the tone of a voice but the words are uninterpretable. Is there a way to accomplish this?
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Ableton's Analog Voices

I have a question regarding the voices in Analog. So when you turn on unisono and choose 2 voices, does that mean my original voice plus 2? Or 2 altogether? When I use both oscillators then that ...
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Are actors' voices in the 2.0 sound positioned in correspondence with where we can see them in the video?

Should actors' voices typically "follow" the actors if they're moving across the screen or if they're simply positioned off-center, when playing the 2.0 or 2.1 version of the movie sound? Or is the 2....
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2 answers

Anyway to track out two different voices within 1 audio file?

I have a podcast audio file with 2 voices, each speaking 1 at a time, and I need to track these out into two different files. I have logic, and I'm curious if there is any quicker way to separate the ...
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