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How do I make a recording of a group of people playing a tabletop rpg?

I'm in front of small challenge. I'll be recording group of 6 people playing tabletop RPG. They'll be all sitting at one table but game master (person who narrates thru game) will be hidden behind his ...
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Obscuring voice recordings

I'm trying to design a relatively simple (electronic) device for obscuring/jamming voice recordings with a laptop microphone. I've read that playing white noises in the background doesn't mask over ...
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How do you edit quality pitched voice? (Q w/ example sample)

Sorry, if I am a bit unclear, but I've got a quick sample (of how should it sound a bit like) if you click here. These types of songs/editing are quite rare and can't be easily found and since they ...
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Adjusting carrier and modulation for a clear vocoder sound?

I'm currently trying to put some speech through a vocoder and add a melody. I'm using Reaktor 6 and the vocoder from this collection. I connected an oscillator (and sequencer) to the carrier input and ...
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Should I spectral balance a voice with EQ?

After decades mixing live sound, I've plunged into audio books, and besides mouth clicks, balancing voice spectrally has emerged. The spectral view of the current voice recording looks normal up to ...
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How does someone flying with windsuit sound like if he talks to the camera?

How does someone flying with windsuit sound like if he talks to the camera? Appreciate your help guys. Main track dry? Secondary track with reverb shifted? Mids only?
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What is the synth effect of the voice in 'Funkytown' by Lipps Inc?

I always listened to this song and the FX that the voice as in the verse always fascinated me. Now that I'm into producing and sound design I'm wondering how to obtain it.
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Modify voice recording so that the original voice cannot be recovered

I have a voice recording. I want to modify it to have a different voice but to keep the intonational shifts and the pauses between the words. I want to be sure that the original voice cannot be ...
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Low end is missing from audio through sound interface and condenser mic going to macOS

My setup is very cheap. I consider myself a beginner, so I wanted to learn and let this learning journey progressively unveil the need for better gear. Mic: Neewer® NW-700 Professional Studio ...
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Best hidden device for sound recording outdoor interviews

Hello sound enthusiasts! I have been looking for a good sound recording device to use outside for interviewing people. I do want it to be hidden, so that it's invisible to the person I'm interviewing. ...
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How to pitch shift female voices to male realistically?

I have a friend currently gender transitioning and he is struggling with having too high of a voice. He'd like to make YouTube videos and podcasts, but the voice pitch is a serious problem for him. He'...
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How to simulate stereo from a mono audio file with command line or python?

I'm trying to do stereo effect from a mono audio, not a copy of the mono track to another channel. Some examples of stereoizing with Audition and Cubase 5.
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Why does my voice over sound like it's been reduced in quality when I Compress it?

I'm recording audio for a video essay with Audacity and a Blue Yeti microphone. The microphone is held by a stand and it's got a pop filter. I've watched a few YouTube tutorials like this one on ...
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What's this vocal distortion called?

I've heard it called 'vox' once but nothing seems to come up when I search for it. I've tried replicating it with overdrive and sample rate changes but I can't seem to get it.
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Reverse Enginner Sound Morphing?

I came across the concept of sound morphing recently and after looking briefly into it, I wonder if its possible to reverse engineer it and obtain the original voice. Personally i dont think that it ...
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Extract/amplify background noise from WhatsApp voice note

I have received a voice note over WhatsApp from someone, and I have noticed there is another person speaking on the background. The background voice is much quieter than the person recording the ...
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Extract background music having some files with voice

Let's imagine I have some records of the radio program (for example, 20 different records). The background music is similar but voice is not. Suppose that audio is stereo. Is there a way to extract ...
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Sennheiser EW 100 G3 (Lapel) - Good starting settings

Just wondering what people are using as their default settings for the TX/RX Is this a good starting point for standard-scenario (i.e. Lecture, interview ... ): Transmitter -21dB Sensitivity ...
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