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How to prove the authenticity of a voice recorder file

this is a very important problem. As consultant in a legal proceedings, I have an audio file created by voice recorder of Apple. The duration of this file is only 20 seconds long; there is the ...
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Is it possible to modify speech intonation?

I might lack proper terminology. Imagine you want to create voice recordings for a large collection of sentences for foreign language acquisition. If they reuse of a limited number of words, you could ...
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How to use FL Studio to change adult female voice to little girl voice?

I'm looking for a way to change from adult female voice to a little girl voice, I know how to invert the sounds to switch gender, but I don't know how to make it sounds "kiddier".
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Modify voice recording so that the original voice cannot be recovered

I have a voice recording. I want to modify it to have a different voice but to keep the intonational shifts and the pauses between the words. I want to be sure that the original voice cannot be ...
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How to pitch shift female voices to male realistically?

I have a friend currently gender transitioning and he is struggling with having too high of a voice. He'd like to make YouTube videos and podcasts, but the voice pitch is a serious problem for him. He'...
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How to simulate stereo from a mono audio file with command line or python?

I'm trying to do stereo effect from a mono audio, not a copy of the mono track to another channel. Some examples of stereoizing with Audition and Cubase 5.
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Is it possible to change the frequency of an audio?

If I record myself singing, can I change the frequency of the audio signal that is generated and listen to it at any frequency? If so, how can I do that? Is there any software available?
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Is it possible to manipulate a character voice back to the original recording?

I have to create 3 original character voices, for my animation. Question: If I just record my casual voice, and manipulate it in three different ways with Audacity, would it be possible for someone ...
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How is this 'overpowered being' voice effect made?

There is a certain effect I've heard multiple times, that I can only describe as 'overpowered baddie in his final form'. I can't quite place how it's done, but I think it's some kind of pitch ...
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Creating different yet genuine human-sounding voices in Audacity. Is it Possible?

I would like to create a few voice characters for an animation in Audacity, editing recordings of my own voice, however the final voices should sound completely different than my voice, and yet like ...
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