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2 answers

Conditional math (intersection) to join two audio tracks

I do not want the difference. I want the intersection of frequencies. The problem: I have two audio files. One of the files (A) contains the vocals and drums. The other file (B) contains the vocals ...
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3 answers

Any free software to make speech sound different without making it "robotic"? [closed]

My boss doesn't really want my, or any coworkers, voice on our videos. Instead of waiting to have his wife record the audio I'm looking for more practical solutions. Is there any free software out ...
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1 answer

Is there way to improve R sound in audio?

If you need to get a sharper R on the audio track, to make it sound more Spanish. To make without selecting each instance or the sound. I.e. is it possible to apply some settings to the whole audio so ...
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Isolation of different human voices from audio

I have many hours of recordings of group discussion. For the most part, each person talks separately from the others in time, and there is minimal background noise. I need to be able to find ...
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How can I get rid of the "phase shifter" sound of my voice?

I'm using Audacity to record audiobooks, and my voice tone is sometimes recorded as if I'm coming in from Mars or something. The closest thing I can compare it to is the "phase shifter" sound that ...
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