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1 answer

Audio drift issue

Some friends and I have started a weekly podcast, and have decided to add video to it, currently we are using Audacity to record audio and an SX30IS powershot to record video. When I place both of the ...
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1 answer

Making Voice filter based on video game character using Audacity

I'm trying to edit my voice clips to sound like this chap here I asked a Senior Sound Designer and he pointed me towards comb filtering. Got the plug-in but am not ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Apps for using iPad as a video reference monitor

I've begun using my iPad as a video reference monitor when I record source material and foley, as it's completely silent and very mobile. Right now I'm using dropbox to transfer and play the videos, ...
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2 answers

Scary Sync Issue

Hello again everyone! I'm back from my last gig and I had something happen that was scary that I hope some of you can help me with and that was: Specs: Pro Tools HD recording, Locked to Word Clock ...
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